Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sale of stamped images

This seller is selling illegal stamped images. After sending her a warning, she refuses to remove the advertisement. This shows of no respect for the artists at all and she is trying to earn some money from "stolen" goods.


  1. Isnt there some sort of legal action that can be taken out against all these dutch market sites ? Perhaps if genuine digi artists grouped into one very large very loud voice and enlisted the help of a lawyer to write to the market sites pointing out the errs they allow ?


  2. It's not just Digital stamps, Aj -- it's just as often rubber. We are trying to work to get this down. Very difficult with the language barrier, but I have had some recent success -- I have my own "Case Name" with Marktplaats now! :)

  3. the ads are gone as far as i can see it on the site.

  4. We are beginning to see some success on these removed and quite quickly now! Mark one up for Stamp Out!

  5. can i just say i worked in India and the middle east for years and they say there that copy right means the right to copy as EMI and Hello kitty say your fighting a losing battle it cost more to take them to court that if you have the time and what do you think name and shame well do, do you think any thief cares that you point them out on some web site they are not logging in under their real names i dont agree with what they are doing but your a small stone in a very big horrid lake but as they say it only takes a ripple to make awave

    1. Hey, Marc (if that is your real name) YES, actually naming and shaming works quickly . . . we have had great success with it. If you're interested, here is my personal strategy for battling copyright violation, which is pretty similar to what the rest of the Stamp Out participating companies do:

      1. Contact violator and nicely ask them to remove copyright violation. Usually, the problem stops there but . . .

      2. IF no response or negative response, we contact the web host (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Photobucket, Pinterest etc.) The DMCA law allows safe harbor for these companies only if the hosting site removes the image from the violator's site -- so they are quick to take violations down. Repeat violations by a user will result in the User losing their account from that host FOREVER. Trying to create a new account after being banned by a web host like Google can cause GOOGLE to sue the user.

      3. IF we see the same person repeatedly violate our rights, we "may" choose to put them on the wall of shame. Also, we circulate their name throughout the crafting community. This is not something we like to do, but we will if we have to . . . and it works like MAGIC.

      4. If all else fails -- that's when we bring in the big guns. (Personally, I DO have lawyers working on two cases of copyright violation for me right now.)

      So please do not underestimate the effort and money we will expend to protect our rights. and our businesses. xoMo


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